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> James Geboski spake unto us the following wisdom:
> > I spoke to Eion briefly about merging this, and offered any assistance
> > required.  He stated he was busy with personal matters for the time
> > being, and that someone else was free to take on the task.  If someone
> > else would like to do the merging, let me know, as I am willing to
> > help with any issues that might arise.  It should merge rather
> > cleanly, though.
> Everything in the protocols/facebook directory you should feel free to
> merge at any time.  If you have changes to libpurple or pidgin, those
> might need another eyeball.
> > Also, is there any branch I can put patches in once this is merged?  I
> > will gladly keep this and the back-ported purple2 plugin maintained.
> Unless there are objections from other corners, I would propose that
> you just become maintainer of the prpl directly.
> Ethan

I am back after a couple of busy weeks.

Ok, this is my summary of your answers.
Michael: Almost everything ready is already merged.
James: Code ready to be reviewed by other developers and merged.
Koosha: Some complete features ready, some partial features. Non visible
regressions and partial code, does not breaks anything, ready to be
Nakul: Code incomplete and needs to be finished before merging.

Can you all confirm this is accurate so we can start reviewing and merging
code to mainline before we do major changes?


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