GSoC 2016

Gary Kramlich grim at
Mon Feb 1 13:58:18 EST 2016


As you may be aware, Google is going to start taking applications for
mentoring organizations starting on 2016/02/08 (a week from today) for
the 2016 Summer of Code.  I'm bringing this up to gauge interest in
whether or not we should participate.

Personally I feel that we should get our own house in order before we
start bringing more students in.  A quick look at our GSoC wiki pages
would suggest that we don't handle it well.  The 2007 page [1] scares
me the most.  How do we have 3 projects that are 9 years old and not
know the status of them?  Also, how is a project from 9 years ago
dependent on 3.0.0?

If people are interested and someone is committed to making sure any
completed projects get merged/seen through we should of course apply,
but I would like to keep focused on my 3.0 push and thus can't
dedicate the time to GSoC.

So, what say you?



Gary Kramlich <grim at>

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