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How about getting Desktop Screen Sharing in XMPP? That would be a killer 

  We have made contributions to the FreeRDP-project to get this feature 
implemented in the Pidgin SIPE-plugin so it is "just" a matter of making 
the same for XMPP. (And I think there is a XMPP-spec for arbitrary data 

  You already got File Transfer-support implemented, done by Ashish 
Gupta as gsoc 2013-project. That means the underpinnings are already 
there. (Getting File Transfer working in SIPE was our first step and a 
pre-req for Desktop Screen Sharing)

  There is a now a FreeRDP-server [1] that compiles as part of the 
FreeRDP-package that capture your screen and makes it available as a 

  Getting this to work in XMPP would surely be appreciated.

  I am not much of a coder myself unfortunately, but I have a grasp on 
what we have done, how it was done, and I would gladly try to answer any 
questions a potential candidate would have. If you want to check it out 
for yourselves, I could suggest you to git-clone FreeRDP master, compile 
it, run the server on your machine, start the client on another machine 
and connect to the server-socket. It is very high quality.

(I would love to see Ashish pick up this task, as he would be way ahead 
of any other candidate as he already did the File Transfer-thing)



On 12/02/16 04:36, Jorge Villaseñor wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 1:35 PM, Gary Kramlich <grim at 
> <mailto:grim at>> wrote:
>     So GSoC 2016 is currently accepting applications for mentoring
>     organizations.  We need to figure out soon if we're participating
>     or not since they only accept organizations until 20160219.
>     Thanks,
> I think a good first step to decide is to go review the ideas page and 
> find out what we would like to get from the SoC students.
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