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Thu Feb 25 04:21:52 EST 2016

Thanks Ashish for your offer :)

  I could also supply you or any developer that are interested in this 
feature with information about how we are doing it with Lync.

  I have also reached out to the XMPP-group for some pointers in order 
to make this feature implementation independent.

  The procedure for setting up a screen sharing session is very similar 
to how File Transfer is handled. XMPP is basically only responsible for 
signaling and opening the connection between the two endpoints. It is 
specified in XEP-0167: Jingle RTP Sessions [1]. We would need to do some 
additions though. We would need to setup a new media called 
"applicationsharing" (That is how it is named in Lync at least), also to 
implement negotiation between server and client with respect to which 
protocol to use (rdp vs vnc for example)

  <description xmlns='urn:xmpp:jingle:apps:rtp:1' 
    <payload-type id='111' name='x-rdp' clockrate='90000'/>
    <payload-type id='112' name='x-vnc' clockrate='90000'/>

  In our Lync-project we have just rebased to upcoming FreeRDP 2.0 
currently maintained by release manager Bernhard Miklautz found on [2]

  We have also made substantial contributions to the libnice-library in 
order to get ICE/TURN-things to work. Should there be a need to do 
further additions/patching in libnice to get Screen Sharing over XMPP to 
work, I would most probably be possible to arrange this...

  I could also do the coordination with XMPP and other projects - we 
would also need to touch a common ground with Telepathy/Empathy with 
respect to how we form the XMPP-signaling.


Best regards,

On 25/02/16 04:33, Ashish Gupta wrote:
> Hi!
> I feel getting screen sharing to work should be interesting. 
> Unfortunately, I'm not a student anymore, and therefore cannot apply 
> as a student for SoC this year.
> But, fwiw, I can look into it if we don't find a student or act as a 
> secondary mentor for this task in case we do.
> Regards,
> Ashish Gupta
> On Feb 12, 2016 8:00 PM, "Niklas Andersson" 
> <niklas.andersson at <mailto:niklas.andersson at>> 
> wrote:
>     How about getting Desktop Screen Sharing in XMPP? That would be a
>     killer feature.
>      We have made contributions to the FreeRDP-project to get this
>     feature implemented in the Pidgin SIPE-plugin so it is "just" a
>     matter of making the same for XMPP. (And I think there is a
>     XMPP-spec for arbitrary data streams)
>      You already got File Transfer-support implemented, done by Ashish
>     Gupta as gsoc 2013-project. That means the underpinnings are
>     already there. (Getting File Transfer working in SIPE was our
>     first step and a pre-req for Desktop Screen Sharing)
>      There is a now a FreeRDP-server [1] that compiles as part of the
>     FreeRDP-package that capture your screen and makes it available as
>     a RDP-stream.
>      Getting this to work in XMPP would surely be appreciated.
>      I am not much of a coder myself unfortunately, but I have a grasp
>     on what we have done, how it was done, and I would gladly try to
>     answer any questions a potential candidate would have. If you want
>     to check it out for yourselves, I could suggest you to git-clone
>     FreeRDP master, compile it, run the server on your machine, start
>     the client on another machine and connect to the server-socket. It
>     is very high quality.
>     (I would love to see Ashish pick up this task, as he would be way
>     ahead of any other candidate as he already did the File
>     Transfer-thing)
>     [1]
>     Regards,
>     Niklas
>     On 12/02/16 04:36, Jorge Villaseñor wrote:
>>     On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 1:35 PM, Gary Kramlich
>>     <grim at <mailto:grim at>> wrote:
>>         So GSoC 2016 is currently accepting applications for
>>         mentoring organizations.  We need to figure out soon if we're
>>         participating or not since they only accept organizations
>>         until 20160219.
>>         Thanks,
>>     I think a good first step to decide is to go review the ideas
>>     page and find out what we would like to get from the SoC students.
>>     -- 
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