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Sat Jan 16 19:14:44 EST 2016

Hi all,

Google Code is getting pretty close to shutting down, but we still have a
bunch of links to it on the ThirdPartyPlugins wiki page.

I've updated as many plugins that had a redirect or an 'official' link in
the landing page but there's still a bunch of plugins that haven't got an
official new home (either the author has abandoned it, or there's only some
'unofficial' mirrors of the code)

Since it would be a shame to lose some of these old plugins, I'd like to
propose a few options:
 * Point to the 'unofficial' mirror, where available
 * Pidgin to mirror the code for the old plugins
 * Point all the projects to (and hope that that doesn't get shut down
 * Ask the Guifications guys nicely if they'd host them as part of the

All of the options have their flaws, so not sure what you all think is the
best option.

Also, if you are one of the authors of the below plugins and you're on the
dev mailing list, can you port your code to somewhere and update the google
code page? BitBucket has a tool for importing and there's a big ol' "Export
to Github" button on the plugin page that'll make it easy to port there if
you want to.  You can also email the Google Code Shutdown Team to get an
auto-redirect on the project to its new home.


(hope this doesn't trip too many spam-blockers for too many links!)

The plugins in question are:

FList -
 * I think this has moved to ?

GroupMe -
 * Mirrors at and

libqq-Pidgin -
 * Mirror at but I believe this
version of the protocol is dead?

Microblog-purple -
 * Mirrors at and

Bluetooth Notifier -
 * No mirror

KNotifications -
 * Mirrors at and

Notifo Notifications -
 * No mirror

Pidgin-Dock -
 * Mirror at

Pidgin-Identica-Status -
 * No mirror

Status to Twitter -
 * No mirror

Twitter in your Profile -
* No mirror

MusicTracker -
* Mirrors at and

Adium to Pidgin themes converter -
* Mirror at

Expand -
* Mirror at

Guiops -
* No mirror

pidgin-cmds -
* Mirror at

pidgin-nudge -
* No mirror

Pidgin Personal Bar -
* No mirror

Quickadd -
* No mirror

Auto Authorization -
* No mirror

forward2mobile -
* No mirror

Logviewer -
* Mirror at

Hide Inactive Buddies, Language Translator -
* No mirror

Paintboard -
* No mirror

Pidgin-google-contact -
* Mirrors at and

Pidgin-googledesktop -
* No mirror

Pidglet -
* Mirror at

Pidgin Screenshot -
* Mirrors at and and

Url Scout -
* Mirror at
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