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If Bitbucket is the best long-term, web-based hosting service for Pidgin 
- go for it.


On 26/01/16 02:17, Gary Kramlich wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> As some of you are aware, we have a team and repositories (multiple 
> actually) on Bitbucket [1].  Myself and a few others have been using 
> it to do pull requests and as an easier place to access the code since 
> the users control their SSH keys.
> Currently <> pushes all changes to 
> Bitbucket.  This is great, but the sync doesn't work the other way and 
> probably shouldn't.  When this sync was set up, I believe its only 
> intention was for a read-only mirror that we didn't have to maintain.  
> That said, as we've been doing pull requests and reviewing code, there 
> have been times when they get out of sync.  As you might have guessed, 
> we can't easily sync both ways because of the potential for merge 
> conflicts and so on.
> What I'm proposing is that we make <> 
> read-only and start migrating everything over to Bitbucket. Our 
> Bitbucket team has unlimited users and repositories and we can set up 
> ACLs however we want.  I have some basics set up right now, which I 
> can share if people are interested, but it basically mimics what we 
> have on <> right now. Also, I'd prefer 
> to leave the main repository as a merging point and have people pull 
> request to it.
> So, what do you think?
> [1]
> Thanks,
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