Mercurial Servers

Mark Doliner mark at
Thu Jan 28 13:58:24 EST 2016

I'm in favor of switching to Bitbucket. I've used it a bit over the
years and have been happy.

These are the two things I think are important. Sounds like they're
both possible.
- commit emails
- non-public branches or repos for security fixes. Especially useful
if they're able to be shared with a few specific people or groups of
people (so other devs can test security fixes before the release,
contribute more fixes, check out and build packages ahead of time).

The trac post-commit hook is also nice to have.

Also just want to point out that you really get the benefit of
switching to Bitbucket if you're able to stop running your own
Mercurial server. So ideally you'd shut down the server on rock and
not bother trying to keep it in sync or keep it running or apply
security updates or ever have to think about ACL for it. I also think
it's a good idea to keep all the existing source code (all branches in
all repos) accessible somehow (e.g. hosting static files or dumping
everything to Bitbucket), but I might be alone in that.

> Our Bitbucket team has unlimited users and repositories

That's interesting--why is that? Their pricing page looks like it's
only free for small teams (

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