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> Gary Kramlich spake unto us the following wisdom:
> > > Also just want to point out that you really get the benefit of
> > > switching to Bitbucket if you're able to stop running your own
> > > Mercurial server. So ideally you'd shut down the server on rock and
> > > not bother trying to keep it in sync or keep it running or apply
> > > security updates or ever have to think about ACL for it. I also think
> > > it's a good idea to keep all the existing source code (all branches in
> > > all repos) accessible somehow (e.g. hosting static files or dumping
> > > everything to Bitbucket), but I might be alone in that.
> >
> > Right now the sync is to let everyone transition.  Long term, I would
> > like to shut it down. But we need to figure out what to do with SOC
> > repositories and stuff.
> I think, as Mark mentioned, that the old branches should all be
> retired to a static repository on our web server.  (That is, no hgweb
> etc.) Any CPW or SoC branches that still have life in them should move
> to forks driven by their respective "owners".
> We will have to think about how we want to handle future SoC branches;
> CPW branches will, I think, just go away.  The main pidgin repo would
> then hold only long-lived branches and release branches.

SoC and CPW repos will not be needed any more thanks to the user's cloned
repository on bitbucket. For branches, the SoC student can have a branch in
his/her personal repository and just do a pull request at the end of the

> Does that match others' expectations?
> Ethan
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