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Sun Jun 26 01:52:51 EDT 2016

Hi all,

I would like us to focus more on the 3.0 release and I think it worth to
define how we want 3.0 to look like, what we want to get by that and what
we accept doing later. I want to get inputs from you all so we can create
an actual roadmap with a goal and start coding towards it.

The problem I see is that so far we have been trying to include everything
on 3.0 which makes it a moving target. This make it hard to know where to
invest energies and this could also demotivate current and potential
developers to work on the project. To solve this problems, I want to get
all of us on the same page on what we want to achieve on 3.0.

This is my proposal of what to include on our 3.0 release. The main idea is
to prepare our public API and release, then do the specific
fixes/refactoring on the micro and minor versions. We can target another
major release in a couple of years, so we can do the necessary API changes
"soon enough" that we don't want to rush everything to this release.

This are the specific things that I think we should focus on for a 3.0
* Define our what is our public and private API.
* GObject based public API
* Prepare our API to make changes during the 3.0  life cycle (not fix
everything, just prepare the API, when possible)
* Migrate our API to GIO whenever possible
* Remove all code that can be provided by our dependencies (mostly glib).
* Upgrade to recent version for our dependencies.

* Non-blocking I/O
* Resolve UIOps/signals and unify them.
* Change the signals we have identified require changes to implement

* PidginWebview stable API (so we can migrate to GtkWebkit 2 and fix
regressions later).
* Do all public API changes needed for clean GTK3 migration (Eg icon

This can be done *after* 3.0, so lower priority now.
* Internal refactor/cleanup that doesn't affect public API.
* Leverage new features on upgraded dependencies to simplify our code.

* Explore building GtkWebkit 2 on windows and migrate to it.
* Fix Gtk style warnings.
* Fix Webview regressions.
* Fix Gtk3 regressions.

What do you want to add or remove from this lists?
Once I get feedback from you, I plan to move this list to a wiki.


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