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After a few weeks of using 2.12 on ubuntu 17.04 noticing 2600+ zombies [  ]

and having a sort of free afternoon I've tried to debug this issue, but
then ran into a few more fundamental ones.

Current hg default is hard to test. (It requires make install, which is
cumbersome, can/could conflict with existing pidgin install. It'd be great
if [lib]purple path could be set runtime. By default it uses
/usr/local/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/purple-3, but after install things are, of
course, in /usr/local/lib/purple-3/ .)

There seems to be a meson based build mode, but then there's no
documentation about it. A line about meson builddir/, ninja build, sudo
ninja install would go a long way.)

Also, I'm encountering a wierd issue too. The make install'd
pidgin binary cannot start, neither the ./pidgin/.libs/pidgin one, but the
other one in the sources ( ./pidgin/pidgin ) can, and works well with

pas at box:~/pidgin-main-4fe93b8bdcb4$ strace -f -e open ./pidgin/.libs/pidgin
 --help |& grep -i libpurple
open("/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/", O_RDONLY|O_CLOEXEC) = -1
EACCES (Permission denied)
and so on ... (I've set the wrong permissions on that file intentionally,
because otherwise it fails to start with a symbol error. That so file is
from the 2.12 install via apt.)

Yes, maybe I should have discovered the v2.12 tag earlier.

Also, the current default is rather slow to start (it seems to enumerate
video recording modes), complains about the keyring when it's not even set,
and has other errors in the [debug] log. Are these known issues?

Thanks for your time, pidgin is still an amazing program!

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