plugin: hidden conversation

Markus Teich teichm-eyxs at
Wed Mar 1 07:43:38 EST 2017


I am currently writing a plugin which needs to exchange metadata-messages
between pairs of participants in a chat. I figured out how to hide those
messages so they won't bother the user, but I was not able to find a way to
prevent pidgin from spawning a new tab in the conversation window.

Currently in the "chat-buddy-joined" handler I try to find an existing
conversation with the respective user with
`purple_find_conversation_with_account` and in case there is none yet, I create
it `with purple_conversation_new`. Then I use `purple_conv_im_send_with_flags`
using the PURPLE_MESSAGE_INVISIBLE flag to send the first metadata-message. Can
I prevent popping up a convesation tab/window in the GTK frontend for the sender
AND receiver?

I'm using pidgin v2.11.0.


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