plugin: hidden conversation

Markus Teich teichm-eyxs at
Thu Mar 2 10:12:24 EST 2017

Heyho Eion,

Eion Robb wrote:
> Pidgin has the concept of a 'hidden conversation window' that it uses for
> conversation that you've hidden (eg, you've marked a chat as persistent in the
> buddy list, then closed the conversation window) - looking through
> pidgin/gtkconv.c shows some other cases of when the conversation is added to
> the hidden conversation window.
> Unfortunately there's no public api that would let you move a conversation to
> the hidden conversation window, but messing around with the
> "/conversations/im/hide_new" setting may let you change where the conversation
> ends up when the received-im-msg is fired when your particular message is
> received.

Thanks for the hint! Until now I only looked at the libpurple interface, but
with pidgin code it might be solveable. I also thought about using the
set_ui_ops call to override some of the internal handlers of the conversation,
but that is probably harder to maintain when there is a new version of pidgin
available. I'll test around a bit and let you know when I have an update.

> Is your source code online anywhere?  Sounds like an interesting plugin and
> I'd love to take a look :)

Sure, the current plugin code is available at [0], but I've only just begun, so
not much code yet. It's supposed to become a viable OTR-like plugin but for
group chats. I already did the crypto stuff which is available as libgotr at [1]
(including some presentation slides).

Have a great day!



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