2.12.1 Release

Gary Kramlich grim at reaperworld.com
Sun Oct 1 21:34:35 EDT 2017

On Sep 29, 2017 03:10, "Robert Vehse" <robertvehse at fastmail.fm> wrote:

Hi everyone,

That's great news! Thanks to Gary and everyone else moving things forward.

A couple more or less relevant questions:
- We have seen quite a few contributions from new contributions merged
recently. Should these contributors be added to the "Copyrights" file?

Good call, I've been trying to remember to do this, but I'm sure I've
missed a few.  That said, dies this file make sense going forward? What I
mean is, most of our contributions come via pull requests now and those
that don't should be committed with the author set appropriately.  If
that's done, the commit log serves as the changelog file.

- Looking at the remaining open tickets for the 2.12.1 milestone (
col=component&col=version&order=type), do we intend to use the translations
submitted there?

Ugh, probably. We really need to quit managing stuff in multiple places.

- Currently, tickets fixed by changes made to the 2.x.y branch are being
assigned the (non-existing) 2.10.13 milestone instead of 2.12.1.(See
https://developer.pidgin.im/ticket/16680#comment:5 for an example.) Is
there anyone willing and able to correct that?

I can take care of it unless someone wants to beat me to it.

- Currently, newly created tickets are given the 2.12.1 milestone instead
of none at all. Is there anyone willing and able to correct that?

Guess I'll get this one too.

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