State of Pidgin: Attracting and Maintaining New Contributors

Ethan Blanton elb at
Tue Oct 3 21:10:21 EDT 2017

Gary Kramlich wrote:
> At this point in time we are not well equipped to support drive by
> contributors.  If we were to make that easier by using the mythical github
> unicorn you claim exists, we would be doing both the contributors and
> ourselves a disservice.    There's nothing more than that.  Once we're in a
> position where we can support those contributors, sure it'll be
> considered.  But it's crap like this from the git-bros that are irritating
> as hell.  Next thing I know you're going to be telling me that I'll only
> get contributors if I enforce a requirement that contributors must use a
> specific editor...

I mean, the good ones all use Emacs.


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