Gary Kramlich grim at
Thu May 30 20:14:02 EDT 2019

Greetings Programs!

For awhile now I've been trying to think of an easier way for people
to reach out to us and get support that didn't include joining irc or
joining the email list.  So after a bit of searching we decided to
give reddit a try.  We still have some customizing to do, but feel
free to check out

Also I should note that in the long term I'm really looking to
shutdown our mailing lists.  They're very low traffic and require more
than zero effort to keep them running/spam free.  Also the mailing
lists on running on hosts that I *REALLY* **REALLY** want to retire
and with email being what it is now, a new IP address can causes

TL;DR Pidgin subreddit at which is kind of
a test run to see if we can shut down our mailing lists.


Gary Kramlich <grim at>

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