Purple Plugin Pack's Migration

Gary Kramlich grim at reaperworld.com
Thu Jun 18 01:57:47 EDT 2020

Greetings Programs,

As you all know the imminent shutdown/deletion of Mercurial repositories
from BitBucket is coming up in less than two weeks.  Because of that I
have just migrated the purple-plugin-pack to it's new home listed below.

 * Repository: https://keep.imfreedom.org/pidgin/purple-plugin-pack
 * Issues: https://issues.imfreedom.org/issues/PLUGINPACK
 * Downloads: https://bintray.com/pidgin/releases/purple-plugin-pack

The BitBucket project at https://bitbucket.org/pidgin/purple-plugin-pack
has now been deleted and is redirecting to the Repository link above.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free!


Gary Kramlich <grim at reaperworld.com>

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