Pidgin 2.14.4 has been released!!

Gary Kramlich grim at
Thu Apr 29 23:36:29 EDT 2021

Greetings Programs!

Pidgin 2.14.4 has been released! There isn't anything super notable
here, but just chugging away at fixing some bugs!

Anyways, the files are available on Sourceforge[1] and you can see the
full change log below.

version 2.14.4 (04/29/2021):
    * Use LT_LIB_M to find the math library.  This should simplify
things for various distros including the BSD's. (RR #608) (and, Justin

    * Removed a dangling reference to oscar that was causing the unit
tests to fail.  (RR #605) (Gary Kramlich)
    * Update purple-remote and purple-url-handler to have a Python 3
shebang.  (RR #609) (Richard Laager)

    * Install our AppData file into the $prefix/share/metainfo. (RR 607)
(Lars Wendler)
    * Re-enable the Gevolution plugin and set the evolution-data-server
requirement to >= 3.6. (RR #610) (Ed Catmur, Lars Wendler)

    Windows-Specific Changes:
    * Output pkg-config files so that our Windows builds can be seen by
meson.  Grim owes a blog post on how this works. (RR #615) (Gary Kramlich)
    * Update the debug symbols download in the installer to the inetc
plugin. (RR #627) (Gary Kramlich)
    * Make sure the uninstaller removes all files that we install. (RR
#612) (Gary Kramlich)



Gary Kramlich <grim at>

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