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Gary Kramlich grim at
Sat May 8 01:32:55 EDT 2021

Greetings Programs!

As many of you know, we've slowly been migrating the content from trac
( into our new website at This process
has been very slow moving and taken a lot more time than we anticipated.
On top of that, the server running is very old and
trying to update it or trac has caused numerous issues as some of you
may recall.

So, we decided to take a different approach. is now
running in our kubernetes cluster with nearly everything else. This
means one less virtual private server for us to manage. which happened
to be the lone server we had with that provider. This simplifies many
things and will make my live that much easier which I'm grateful for!

As always, if you run into any issues, either email us here or open an
issue on


Gary Kramlich <grim at>

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