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Gary Kramlich grim at
Mon Nov 29 02:21:11 EST 2021

Greetings Programs!

Sorry for the downtime in the email. It is currently back up and running 
but we will be transitioning it in the near future. We've been in the 
process of migrating to a new server for a very long time now and I was 
using an expired TLS certificate that was stuck behind a no longer 
supported version of lets encrypt as the motivation to finally get it done.

We'll turns out building a new email stack in Ansible take a stupidly 
large amount of time. I didn't anticipate it taking this long but was 
trying to trudge through it anyways.

That brings us to tonight, nearly a week after the TLS certificate 
expired. I currently have Dovecot and RSpamd up and running on the new 
machine, but still need to get Postfix and GNU Mailman running which is 
going to take a decent amount of time. So I started looking at other 

I tried to install a newer version of python3-certbot onto our very old 
virtual machine and that was a no go. So I went back to work on the 
Postfix Ansible role when I noticed that I had actually stopped using 
Certbot some time ago because the v1 API was being shutdown and I 
couldn't upgrade certbot on the machine. So I quickly ran the script I 
wrote back then for lego and here we are with the email back and working.

So I do still plan on finishing the new email stack this week which will 
mean more downtime, but I should be able to prove most of that out 
before we update the DNS records and everything!

Thanks and sorry for all the downtime!

Gary Kramlich <grim at>

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