Pidgin 2.6.5 released

Paul Aurich paul at
Sat Jan 9 15:58:07 EST 2010

Pidgin 2.6.5 is released (though not yet listed as such at  As mentioned previously, this release provides a fix for CVE-2010-013 (MSN arbitrary file upload), along with a number of build fixes and crash bugs.

Source tarballs (as well as RPMs and Windows builds) can be found on sourceforge, but here are some direct links:



There is one known problem which is that Finch fails to build on older/non-GCC systems.  Commit 6a5f94151ae9c9afbba73e905edb55cd64f6b3ea (found at should fix those issues (it reorders the include files so that internal.h is always first).


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