Some error or what?:)

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Thu Apr 1 10:15:30 EDT 2010

On 04/01/2010 10:02 AM, Gábor, Rónay wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> 		<password>habalakevinhabala55</password>        <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  HERE IS MY
> 		<alias>Minden M$ program egy rakás szar</alias>
> 		<statuses>
> 			<status type='available' name='Elérhető' active='true'>
> 				<attributes>
> 					<attribute id='message' value='Nem vagyok itt'/>
> -----------------------------------------
> Is it right?

Yes.  Did you not read the text on that clearly
explains we do not consider this a security problem?  The text is as follows:

Before informing us of security vulnerabilities, please be aware that we will
NOT consider our storage of passwords in plain text a security issue. We have
discussed our position on this at length here[1] and our position on this has
not changed. We will, at a future date, be implementing proper integration with
password safes such as gnome-keyring, however that support is not yet ready for
general consumption. Please do not report this particular issue as a security



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