Packager responsibilities and violation of trust

Ethan Blanton elb at
Mon Jul 19 14:14:24 EDT 2010

Ionuț Bîru spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Is the first time when i'm part on such situations and i didn't know
> clearly what do i have to do.

If there are any further such confusions, please ask.

> In the future i'll pay attention more and if you intent to remove me
> from the list, i'll happy accept the punishment.

Removing you from the list as punishment doesn't help anyone.  :-)  We
welcome the opportunity to include Arch Linux in our coordinated
releases, we just need to ensure that incidents like this do not
happen in the future.  Since it seems that this was a legitimate
mistake based on misunderstanding of the process, and not an
intentional disclosure, I think we can consider this particular issue
closed.  (We will still have to figure out what to do about 2.7.2, of
course.)  If you ever again have any confusion or are unclear about
how to proceed with instructions received on packagers@, please
request assistance or further information before taking action.

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