We have lists for doctors, lawyers, hospitals, chiropractors, schools, churches, real estate agents, insurance agents etc..

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Fri Aug 26 21:01:57 EDT 2011

All lists below this week only Just $199! (reg $495)

Don't reply to this email, please contact glenda.robbins at gmx.us for details and samples

All data from Optin sources, Excel Format, Data for All States

USA Business Lists

1. USA Business Collection: 10 Million Emails for US businesses in various categories (3 lists)
2. Schools in the USA:	439,797 emails for Schools, Universities and Colleges in the USA.
3. Churches in the USA:	169,377 emails for Churches of all denominations in the USA
4. Architects in the USA:	9,790 emails in total
5. Real Estate Land Developers:	10,837 emails in total
6. Construction Development:	94,272 emails
7. Criminal Attorneys:	 142,906 total records, 99,857 emails
8. Real Estate Agents:	2.4 Million Email Database (2 lists)
9. Police and Sheriff Services:	 42,987 records and 114 emails
10. Hotels in the USA:	63,260 emails
11. Manufacturers: 1,057,119 records with 476,509 emails
12. USA Lawyers: 269,787 records with 235,244 emails
13. Financial Planners:	 148,857 records all with emails
14. Finance and Money Professionals: 116,568 records all with emails
15. Insurance Agents:	61,744 emails for Insurance companies in the USA (2 files)
16. Media Outlet Contacts: over 200k records all with emails and full contact data
17. VARs and IT Consultants: 12,000 VAR and IT consultant Emails in the USA

Foreign Business Lists:

1. Canadian Businesses Database: 500,000 records for Canadian businesses all with emails
2. United Kingdom Business Database:	 400,000 records all with emails for businesses in the United Kingdom
3. India Business Database:	1 Million Email Database for businesses in India

Samples can be downloaded in Excel format, please email me here glenda.robbins at gmx.us.

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