remote crasher in the IRC WHO changes

Ethan Blanton elb at
Wed Jul 6 18:27:39 EDT 2011

Hi all,

The IRC WHO changes which went into 2.8.0 have parsing errors which
are potential remote crashers.  Not only is the incoming message
wrongly tokenized (which I think is the cause of #14341), but the
message is used without verifying that it is intact.

Exploiting this crasher (and I believe it is only a crasher; NULL
pointer dereferences or invalid UTF-8 strings are the culprits)
requires a complicit server for NULL pointer dereferences, but I
believe can be triggered with bogus nicknames on some servers which
allow non-ASCII nicks.  (This is #14341.)

A patch which I believe fixes the WHO parsing errors is available from:

I suspect we want to embargo this for 2.9.1.

Paul, you seem to have reproduced the bug in #14341, can you try this
patch and see if it fixes it?

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