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No more paying by the list, you can get all lists below in all categories for just $295

Regular price for this package is $495, so buy now before the price goes up again next week!

> All data is obtained legally through optin channels
> Available for immediate download in excel format
> Sold with unlimited use rights including resale
> Data for all US states

Why would you want to pay more for the same lists? Email me today for samples or to place an order: mary.johnsoin at

Here is what you will get:

HEALTHCARE - 275,000 emails total

Lots of medical specialties such as:

Alternative Medicine
Dentists & Dental Specialists
Pharmaceutical Companies
Physical/Occupational Therapists
Oncology Doctors
US Surgery Centers
Massage Therapists
Medical Equipment Suppliers
Mental Health Counselors
Visiting Nurses & RN's
Healthcare Recruiters
Plastic Surgeons

BUSINESS - over 10 million emails total

Hundreds of business categories including:

Schools in the USA
Churches in the USA
Architects in the USA
Real Estate Land Developers
Construction Development
Criminal Attorneys
Real Estate Agents
Police and Sheriff Services
Hotels in the USA
USA Lawyers
Financial Planners
Finance and Money Professionals
Insurance Agents
Media Outlet Contacts
VARs and IT Consultants
Canadian Businesses Database
United Kingdom Business Database
India Business Database

CONSUMER over 4.5 million emails in 3 lists

Credit Inquiries Database
American Homeowners Database
American General Consumer Database

Order today, this price is only until Friday. Contact me here mary.johnsoin at for sample spreadsheets or to order. 

Send us an email to takeitoffplease at and we will discontinue mailing you

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