authorization replies and smileys

Frank Paetow Frankynstone at
Mon Oct 24 06:59:27 EDT 2011


During the last days I receive authorization replies without ever having requested. I then have changed my ICQ password and it happened again. Is this a weakness of the ICQ protocol or of multy-messengers in general? This also happens with Trillian.

I started the Messenger by a terminal because I'm looking for the cause of Bug #14647: Empty untitled window

pidgin -d > ~/debug2.log 2>&1

Can these smiling windows also be messages from unknown ICQ or Jabber users? They appear very seldomly.

Find the debug protocol of the minute when the latest authorization reply from 580440286 appeared below. You can contact me via Jabber (Frankynstone at or e-mail (Frankynstone at


(12:31:02) oscar: Parsing IM, charset=0x0000, datalen=58, choice1=ASCII, choice2=ISO-8859-1, choice3=
(12:31:02) oscar: Received IM from 177634693
(12:31:19) oscar: ssi: received authorization reply from 580440286.  Reply is 0x0000
(12:31:28) oscar: Sending IM, charset=0x0002, length=258
(12:31:28) oscar: rate change (param ID 0x0001): curavg = 6000, maxavg = 6000, alert at 2000, clear warning at 2500, limit at 1500, disconnect at 800, delta is 22441, dropping is 0 (window size = 80)
(12:31:28) oscar: Sent message to 177634693.
(12:31:31) jabber: Sending (ssl) (frankynstone at <iq type='get' id='purple2a67fc61'><ping xmlns='urn:xmpp:ping'/></iq>
(12:31:31) jabber: Recv (ssl)(110): <iq from='frankynstone at' to='frankynstone at' id='purple2a67fc61' type='result'/>
(12:31:58) oscar: Parsing IM, charset=0x0000, datalen=60, choice1=ASCII, choice2=ISO-8859-1, choice3=
(12:31:58) oscar: Received IM from 177634693

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