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Casey Harper harpercasey49 at
Mon Aug 6 11:17:21 EDT 2012

A former friend of mine helped me set up pidgin on my hp pavillion... we have since had a falling out.. he was the only buddy on my list. I was on the web lastnight and i had a sudden lag on my pandora feed.. i looked at my pidgin and it was logged in from another location and my web browser kept crashing... this occured 3 times in the course of 2 hours. the screen name was inlikeharp. I have since deleted the problem but i am certain of the individuals malicious intent. his screen name is backout900 and he was the only other person on the planet that had my information and did NOT have my permission to use my accound nor did he have any reason to.I would much appreciate an investigation into the matter. I know he has the knowledge to use the software to trace my ip adress and  i beleive he is capable of worse things once he gained acess to my mainframe. Please hel[p me make sure he doesn't do this to me or anyone else again
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