Veracode static analysis results

Ethan Blanton elb at
Wed Dec 5 16:22:29 EST 2012

Chris Wysopal spake unto us the following wisdom:
> A customer asked us to analyze Pidgin using our static analyzer.  Our
> responsible disclosure policy is to inform you of any findings so that
> you may have the chance to review, comment, and/or fix the issues.
> I think the software performed very well on our analysis but there are
> a few issues we have found.  Attached is our full report. You can find
> the description of the issues found on pages 10-15. We found 1 Very
> High criticality. 5 Medium, and 47 low. Here is a summary.

OK, here's my fifteen minute analysis of the bugs.  There's only one I
think I'd really worry about.  I've not Cc'd veracode, we can send
them our final conclusions.

Very High:

* gtkpounce error is a false positive.  Yes, we execute a user path
  without verifying it, but that's the whole *point* of that feature.
  It's not particularly safe, but only in an "enough rope to hang
  yourself with" kind of way.


* NTLM session key -- I don't know enough about NTLM to say if this is a
  real problem or not.  Using a real RNG certainly wouldn't hurt.

* purple_core_migrate user-specified path is a false positive.  Pidgin
  can already be coerced to read any file the user can read, and in the
  general sense *should* be able to do so.  This class of bug simply
  doesn't apply to Pidgin.

* PurpleDesktopItem creation from file -- I don't even know what this

* write_data_to_file path problem -- see purple_core_migrate

* write_data_to_file race -- this is real.  We should be using open()
  and fdopen() (or the g_ equivalents thereof?).


I'm not even going through these right now.  Some of them probably merit
checks; the majority of the 47 are in imported code from glib or
something, though.

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