[pidgin-security] possible segfault in perl wrapper

Ethan Blanton elb at pidgin.im
Thu Apr 18 10:28:07 EDT 2013

Tomasz Wasilczyk spake unto us the following wisdom:
> After my fix the function will be actually working. I don't believe,
> that any useful and popular plugin uses it, while it fails for some
> IPs. Anyway, as I wrote before, this function looks useless not only
> for perl, so I removed it from libpurple API too [1].
> 3.0.0 breaks API, so no-one should expect reverse compatibility for
> plugins - that's a chance for cleaning it up. If we really want
> ip_atoi routine, it should return just an integer, not array of bytes
> - that's way more popular format. But - do we really have to provide
> such function in our API?

I believe the reason we did so is -- of course -- Windows, and
specifically its failure to provide an inet_pton() that works.  If
modern Windows provides this functionality, it can probably be simply
dropped, as you suggest.


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