Remotely triggerable crash

Mark Doliner mark at
Sun Jan 12 21:15:39 EST 2014

I think I need help with this one. i can't repro on 64-bit Linux or
32-bit Windows built myself from the public release-2.x.y branch. I
CAN repro on 32-bit Windows with 2.10.7. The stacktrace says it
crashes on line 766 of libpurple/log.c:

 763     if (date != NULL)
 764         return date;
 766     tm = *(localtime(&when));
 767     if (show_date)
 768         return g_strdup(purple_date_format_long(&tm));
 769     else
 770         return g_strdup(purple_time_format(&tm));

"when" is a time_t. When it doesn't crash on 64-bit Linux, when is
2167772737. When it doesn't crash on 32-bit Windows, when is
-2127194559. Does localtime() crash on Windows with extreme negative

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