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Shay Guetta shay at
Mon Jun 9 06:39:01 EDT 2014

Hi  and great to connect,

My name is Shay Guetta, Business Development Manager @Musiclab, a leading international software company.

We're looking to distribute our search product (ASK feed in opt-out) WW via bundle partnerships and I would like to explore the opportunity of working together. We are  working with very big software owners and download portals.

I am sure we can generate a very profitable offer for you as we have very COMPETITIVE rates for all countries.

You're more than welcome to contact me via email or Skype (shayguettaimesh)


Shay Guetta  |  Business Development Manager

shay at<mailto:shay at>
+972 3 912 08 27
Skype: shayguettaimesh

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