Insecure DLL Call in Windows

NaxoneZ . naxonez at
Wed May 14 08:12:45 EDT 2014


I have pidgin installed in windows and I find some insecure calls to dll
that can be exploited or used be a malware to plant a dll and execute this
dll every time that pidgin is open. You can find this DLL using process

[image: Imágenes integradas 1]

How you can see if an attacker plant a dll in this paths (I tested with
%USERPROFILE%\.gtk-2.0\engine\libwimp.dll with this DLL:

You can view how pidgin calls this DLL and execute.

I hope with this email you can improve the security of this great tool and
If finally you publish this issue I hope that my name appears in the
advisory too :)

Regards and thanks for all!!
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