The ShadowCrew. samjax3132koupu at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 08:41:27 EST 2017

We order for you anything you have ever wanted or couldn't afford yet. It's
Shadow Shopping.

How is that possible?
We are a professional Team of Carders working in the dark web and we have
access to our own network of hacked e-commerce international databases.

What is Carding?
It's the act of buying goods or services online without actually paying for
it or using another person's card to pay for it without owner's approval.

What will I get?
You can ask us to buy something for youlike electronic objects, toys,
games, phones, clothes, jewelry, online services, but also gift cards and
virtual Visa or MasterCard prepaid cards.
If you want physical items, shipping first from online Merchant to a
Confidential Secure Re-mailing Company, then the parcel is forwarded to the
address you have chosen.

Few Operations are only possible every month.
The ShadowCrew.

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