Let me share with you something that could make you big bucks

Lino Boone Boone365 at ttcldata.net
Wed Jun 21 10:35:45 EDT 2017

I have been around theblock. I'm a veteran in this market. I was making my subscribersprofits through both Bush, Obama and now Trump.

Back in the Bush Sr. days, I was just an article writer. I wrote forthe WS in the Analyst column.

The internet has really changed everything.

Information now travels really fast and is much more accessible toeveryone.

I had a lunch meeting with an old colleague a few days ago and he letme in on a little secret.

There's a tiny drug maker that's discovered a spectacular immunemedicine. It will change the world and save millions of lives.

The information isn't public yet. In fact, that company was actuallyabout to go bankrupt when the discovery happened. That's why theirprice dropped from a little over 2 bucks to just 0.10 now.

Long story short, when the news comes out publicly, this thing is goingto shoot through the roof.

Based on my decades of experience, I expect it to at least go up 15 to30 fold in a matter of hours.

The information will be public some time by next week. I recommend yougrab shares quickly today if you can.

The symbol you need to use to get the shares is q>s>m>gobviously without the > I put that in there just to make it clearer.

If you miss out, this is on you. It's a rare chance that may never comeagain.
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