Bug Report

Ethan Blanton elb at kb8ojh.net
Tue Mar 6 19:19:20 EST 2018

Richard Laager wrote:
> Resending, as this bounced...

Bounced from the list, or bounced on my end?  Do I need to fix

> On 02/23/2018 10:31 AM, Ethan Blanton wrote:
> > (that crap don't scale!)
> Does it have to scale? So far, you're the only one.
> If instead, you mean your IP changes and there is no way to add it:
> Sure, that's a problem.

I meant that, surely, the rest of you aren't Outlook users.  But maybe
you are?  ;-)

The machine through which I relay emails has a static IP that will
change only if I re-provision it.  That part is not an issue.

My point, in general, is that SPF is a poor solution that assumes a
useless-endpoints-with-crappy-mail-clients model.  It is a *bug*, not
a feature, that non-Unix end hosts are not running a local MTA, and
that end hosts that *are* running a local MTA have to go through
gyrations to relay emails through "better" hosts.


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