Your Bug Bounty Matters. Let Bounty0x Help.

Henry Ericson henry at
Wed Mar 21 23:07:48 EDT 2018

Hi Pidgin team,

Bounty0x loves the Pidgin bug bounty program, and we want to help make it
even better. Will you let us?

What we’ll do for FREE:


   Promote your bounty program

   Review bounty submissions

   Distribute bounty rewards

Want us to help more? We’d love to! What we’ll do for a one-time fee of
$5,000 in ETH or BTC:


   Analyze your project

   Prepare a strategic plan for your bounty program

   Monitor your bounty program

   Answer questions from bounty hunters

   And more! (see attachment)

Want to sign up? Have questions? I am here for you. Just ask!



Henry Ericson

Bounty0x | Sales Representative
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