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sales3 at printingfield.oicp.net sales3 at printingfield.oicp.net
Tue Jun 25 22:47:59 EDT 2019

Dear friend,
Good day! 
As good promotion way needed in business , you might be looking for reliable printing supplier. 
I am confident to contact you here. We are proud to supply premium products for more than 10 years.
Why you can rely on us for quality printings? We have following qualifications:
-A talented technique team learning advanced technique every year;
-All material are environmental friendly which is adapted to FSC;
-Working with us, you can lower your cost, as we are factory direct and also have many co-factories.
www.hcprintery.com is our website for your reference.
What products you are currently needing to print? Do you mind to send me the specifications & your 
requirement, so I will immediately evaluate how we can help you?
Kind regards,
admin at hongchengco.com
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