Rw:Customization Of Injection Molding Products 2020-09-21

Billie billie at
Sun Sep 20 21:18:30 EDT 2020

Hi dear,
Hope you enjoy your day.
This is Billie form China, I have visited your companies web site and I am writing to explore possible business opportunities.
We have been focusing on injection moulds for 19 years. We can produce plastic parts of various sizes,there is no minimum order quantity.
If these opportunities are suitable to your Business Opportunities, we can work together for term in future.
Could you kindly forward this mail to your purchase department?
We would like to start cooperation with you.
Kind regards,
- 2020-09-21Dongguan, China
-Web://www.joamold.*com   (Delete [*])
-Please contact me by e-mail at:billie_joamold at
(If you are not the person who is in charge of this, please forward this to your purchase manager,Thanks)
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