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I am Mr. Wang Weilin (General Manager and Chairman of China Big Technology (Group) Co., LTD., Mobile phone :+86-18084013166  (Whatsapp/ Wechat);   
About us:
We are a professional investment group composed of automobile manufacturing plants and financial companies from China. Our mission is to focus on investing in overseas chain automobile assembly plant projects. Our investments include capital and technology, brands, critical equipment, automotive assemblies and credit support. Our investment is in the whole industrial chain. The Chinese government has put forward the Belt and Road Initiative. As China's car manufacturing factories and financial capital also need to "go out". By helping other developing countries industrialize, we are truly realizing our value.
If you are interested in more information about the project, we can provide a detailed solution. Our chain of car assembly plant programs can help you realize your dream of building a car. In fact, we have established a number of joint venture and cooperation overseas automobile chain assembly plants, including: Syria, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Brazil... Our cooperation is based on mutual benefit and win-win results. Our products include, new energy buses, cars, taxis, MPV, SUV, truck series, Vans...; 
Our joint venture and cooperation path:
1. Joint venture cooperation mode of joint investment. As the Chinese partner, invest in key equipment/technical support (factory design/automobile manufacturing technology/worker training/help localization).
2. Turnkey project cooperation mode
Our basic requirements for joint venture partners:
1. Plant: the plant area is 5000-8000 square meters, and the land area is 15000-25000 square meters.
2. Capital: with certain economic strength, the investment capacity must exceed 2 million DOLLARS. (excluding land and plant values)
3. Market channels: Automobile sales channels (sales network)
4. Your government supports the development of industry, and the difference between the import tariff of the whole vehicle and the import tariff of the spare parts is ≥25-35%;
If you are really interested in this project and have the ability to invest and need more information, please contact us. If you do not have the strength to invest in a joint venture partner to participate in our joint venture project? Please recommend to the local competent company, you can get from the joint venture car factory 2% ,the shares from our Chinese side 1% ,and other 1% shares from the recommended local cooperation company. At the same time, you can get a complementary job opportunity in the joint venture factory. Maybe it will change your life for the rest of your life and create an opportunity for growth. It's a win-win partnership.
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