Our EEC EV Car plant Project Looking for JV partners and dealer in Europe

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Fri Jun 25 14:49:00 EDT 2021

Dear Sir Or Madam
This is Mr. Wang Weilin (general Manager, director) of China Grand Technology (Group) Corporation LTD.We are glad to know that you are interested in working with us.
About China's New Energy Vehicles:
In 2019, China's new-energy vehicle production and sales reached 1.5 million, ranking first in the world, surpassing the total output of the United States, Japan, the Republic 
of Korea, Germany, France and other countries.So far, Chinese electric vehicles have made a big push into The European electric vehicle market. Our group's EEC standard electric vehicles have been awarded the German government subsidy catalogue. We are making use of China's electric vehicle technology. We are investing in a joint venture plant for electric vehicles in Germany, and the project is proceeding smoothly.In fact, China's new-energy electric vehicles have been in a leading position in the international market. China is still not ahead of Japan, Germany and other countries in the technology competition of petroleum-fueled vehicles, but it is not behind in the technology of
new-energy vehicles.China has established a complete industrial chain of new-energy vehicles and has developed its own new-energy vehicle technology.
About our company:
We are an auto manufacturer and investor from China, our mission is to invest exclusively in overseas auto assembly plant projects.Our investments include capital and 
automotive manufacturing technology, brands, key equipment, auto parts sets and guaranteed loan support.We are a holding joint venture jointly invested by a number of 
Chinese automobile industry groups and international financial capital.The Chinese government has come up with a "One Belt And One Road" plan.Both Chinese carmakers 
and Chinese capital are eager to "go global".If you are interested in more information, we are willing to provide a detailed solution.Our automotive chain assembly plant can
 provide: new energy car, electric taxi, truck /MPV, bus series (including: CNG series bus, electric airport bus, city bus).For more than a decade, we have built auto assembly 
plants in many countries overseas, including Syria, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Brazil, Pakistan.Our cooperation is based on the win-win result of joint investment.Our next 
investment target is European countries, central Asian, Southeast Asian and Latin American countries.
The main ways of our cooperation are as follows:
1. Joint venture cooperation model.As a Chinese partner, provide key equipment/technical support (plant design/automobile manufacturing technology/worker 
training/localization of parts manufacturing, etc.) and financial support.
2. Turnkey project or technology investment mode.
In principle, in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of local governments and partners for investment purposes, our Chinese side does not hold a controlling stake.However, 
we do not accept the "landlord and rent" model of cooperation.
We have specific requirements for our joint venture partners:
Factory: the factory covers an area of more than 5,000-8,000 square meters and an area of more than 15,000-25,000 square meters. Cash: Certain economic strength, investment capacity must be more than $2 million.(Excluding land value)
Market channel: Automobile sales channel (sales network)
Your country's import tariff policy: Your country's import tariff policy is very important. The gap between the import tariff of auto parts CKD(complete dismantling) 
period and CBU(complete unit) should be more than 30-35%.If you're interested in this project,
We will discuss the specific arrangement of the joint venture.If you have any good Suggestions, please feel free to let us know!
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Our Group Main shareholders and strategic joint venture partners:
ZHZ investor Group; FD Auto;Weichai Auto; ZEV bus;GX auto group;SF auto Group;DY Auto;LFautoGroup; changyue EV ; CRRC corporation of China; and China
 Risk investment Group
List of our oversea chain auto assembly plant by Holding or taking a share project: 
1,Syria A&B auto plant;2,Ghana MKC Auto Co.,Ltd; 3,Angola ATJ JinBei Auto Co.,Ltd; 4, Eastern Africa Vehicle Co.,Ltd; 5,Pakistan Topsun auto plant; 6,Middle africa motor
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