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Common sense about new energy electric vehicles:
1) The manufacturing cost of new energy electric vehicles is 2-3 times that of traditional fuel vehicles. Taking taxis as an example, the operating cost of electric taxis is only 
1/5-1/3 of that of traditional fuel taxis. Electric cabs typically cost between $15,000 and $25,000.
2) As far as we know, Chinese government subsidies to Chinese electric car consumers are about $3,000 per vehicle. The subsidy in developed European countries is 
5000-9000 euros. Governments in other developing countries in Africa will also reduce import tariffs or exemptions for SKD components. For example, the Egyptian 
government gives Egyptian consumers a subsidy of $3,000 per car. Poor India also subsidises electric cars. It is the common responsibility and obligation of people all 
over the world to advocate the use of new energy vehicles to protect the earth's environment. Eliminating the pollution of traditional fuel vehicles is the inevitable trend 
of the development of new energy vehicles.
3) At present, the market share of China's new energy vehicles has reached more than 30%. With the continuous improvement of new energy vehicle technology, the 
manufacturing cost of electric vehicles is reduced by 10% year by year, and traditional fuel vehicles are bound to withdraw from the automobile market. Most developed 
countries have set 2030 as the date for phasing out gas-powered cars.
About us:
We are a professional investment group composed of a number of Chinese new energy vehicle manufacturers and financial companies. Our mission is to focus on investing  in overseas chain automobile assembly plant projects. Our investments include capital and technology, brands, critical equipment, automotive components and credit support. Our investment is in the whole industry chain. The new energy vehicle resources of the group's subordinate factories include sedan, SUV, MPV, bus series and truck series. We hope that by promoting new energy vehicles, we can slow down greenhouse gas emissions and protect the earth's environment. To help developing countries achieve
industrialization, and at the same time, realize our own value.
About the cooperation model.
As we all know, electric cars replacing gasoline cars is an inevitable trend in the history of automobile development, and China is in a leading position in electric car 
manufacturing technology. China's production and sales of new energy vehicles exceed those of other countries in the world. At present, it is only a matter of time before 
China, as the second largest economy in the world, becomes the first (by 2028) and we are looking for partners around the world. Our cooperation mode: agency, exclusive agency, joint venture, cooperation, turnkey project mode.
If you are really interested in the new energy vehicle project, we can provide detailed solutions.Our overseas new Energy Vehicle program can help you realize your dream 
of selling/building a car. Our products include new energy vehicles, taxis, MPV, SUV, new energy bus series, electric logistics truck series, minivans. We can provide complete management and operation plan for electric taxi/electronic Hyling. No matter which way you choose to cooperate, we welcome you.
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