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       We are a car manufacturer from China.We are looking for your local partners to establish auto chain assembly plant. And that is a pragmatic, sustainable win-win cooperation development strategy. China's overseas auto assembly plants have great strong advantages: With an Chinese integrate auto industrial chain of technological advantage, best price performance,financial superiority,talents cumulation,and plusing with your local capital, sales channel resources,human resources,the combination of joint venture factory will help you to realize national industrialization.
       About US: we are the international economy and science and technology investment company, our task is to focus on overseas investment in auto assembly plants overseas chain project, our investment including auto manufacturing technology, brand, key equipment and conditions of the credit support.Our group's background and investors are a large number of Chinese national brand automobile manufacturing groups and financial investment corporations eager to "go global" and develop in overseas markets.Http:// ; 
If you are interested in more information about China's overseas chain automobile manufacturing plant project, we are willing to provide detailed solutions.Some actual background informations you havn’t reach:
About our China's automobile industry status in the world:
Do you know China auto technology development very fast, please you note Some Background information:      
2016 Chinese auto production about 30 millions units  > Japanese cars production + U.S. auto production
2016, the production of new energy vehicles in China was 700,000, the world's largest, surpassing the total output of new energy vehicles in all other countries .
2017, the production of new energy vehicles in China was 860,000, the world's largest, surpassing the total output of new energy vehicles in all other countries .
2017, the Chinese government best new released electric vehicle manufacturing standards is higher than  Europe standard.
 At the begining of 2016, China's electric car manufacturing technology leads the world, and will release China V standard (Same Europe V technology) in 2020, China will use Europe VI standard in 2025, reducing manufacture Pertro fuel Auto,  With the use of new energy vehicles, China's automobile factories have basically realized automation of automobile production and manufacturing.
Chinese overseas chain auto assembly plant details:
Our auto chain assembly plant can provide KD products include:sedan car, truck series, pickup, suv and trucks/MPV, mini jeeps, mini moke, buses series (CNG series,Airport bus, new energy vehicles,Electric bus, hybrid bus) etc.In fact,we have already established many auto chain assembly plants overseas plant including:Syria,Ghana,Algeria,Angola,Mzambique,Pakistan.Our cooperation is based on win-win situation.Our cooperation methods include:
1.  Joint venture with local partners, mutual funding,China part provides key equipment or other financial support,and technology supports(factory design, automobile manufacturing technology, worker training, etc.).Local partner, 65% : 35% (China)
2.  Joint venture mode of software input.   Local partner, 85% ; 15%  (China)
3.  Turnkey project. Local partner invest 100%
4.  Franchise permit mode of cooporation.
In order to activate the initiative of local governments and partners, China part will not control share in principle.Our preference for joint venture partners:As a local partner, if you only provide land,plant investment and/or production licenses,like the local "landlord" by collecting rent profit, I'm sorry, we don't like to cooperate with the landlord, this is not our choose.We prefer to work with capitalists, who have overseas Education backgrounds, and the experient industrialists are more suitable for this project. Our principle of cooperation is to "work together to grow and achieve win-win results".
Partner requirements of joint venture:
1,  Provide workshop:5000-8000 square meter workshop at least,and over 15000-24000 square meters land.
2,  Cash: have some necessary economic strength, investment capacity must over two million USD.(don't include land, workshop value)
3,  Market channel: have car sales channel (sales network)
4,  Your country Nice Import tariff  policy: Your country import tariff policy very important, gap of import tariff between auto spare part CKD (completely knocked down) term and CBU (complete built unit) shall be over  30-35%; 
If you are interested in joining our China - global auto assembly plant project, we will discuss the detail arrangements for the joint venture.If you have any good Suggestions, please feel free to tell us!
Best regard !
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