Mr. Christopher Smith wwtp at
Thu Nov 18 00:20:01 EST 2021


Note that the First Investment Chartered Bank South Africa, ABSA Bank of South Africa and the City of Shelton Washington have received the authority from the International Monetary Fund (IMF)to finally release all pending Lottery winning payments, Contracts payments, Inheritance funds, Loan payments, ATM card claims, etc.
To the above paragraph, we have been instructed to release your compensation amount of $2.500.000.00 USD, this payment was officially approved to help scammed victims and international businesses that failed due unscrupulous Government officials pending on beneficiaries files and Government ever changing policies the never helped matters, etc.
Upon your response, we shall furnish you with more details.
Mr. Christopher Smith
Head: Consult Department
First Investment Chartered Bank South Africa.
Alice Lane Towers, 15th Alice Lane, Sandton,
 Johannesburg, South Africa

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