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Thu Aug 25 04:36:56 EDT 2022

Good day, I’m James, how are you doing today and I hope you are 
doing great? I saw your contact on a reliable company database, 
after  going through your profile, I decided to  contact you. I 
have confidence that I can trust you and partnership with you in 
this business of investing in your country, i feel safe and 
satisfied dealing with you in this mutually beneficial 
transaction, However this correspondence is purely private and it 
should be treated as such, I guarantee you that this deal is 
hitch free.

I’m the bank manager of PREMIER SAVINGS BANK head office London’ 
United Kingdom, I’m the general overseer of all departments and 
I’m also married with a little daughter. 

The reason I’m contacting you is for the financial benefit for 
the both of us, the good thing is that you happen to bear the 
same surname as a customer of our bank who died in an air crash 
years ago. He deposited the sum of (£7.400000)’ seven point four 
million pounds with our bank and without any next of kin and this 
account has been left and is dormant. 

I have spoken to the legal adviser to the deceased and he is 
willing to cooperate with us, he will provide us all the 
necessary legal documents in obtaining this funds, my agreement 
is to give him %20  of the money after the job is done, any other 
foreign investor who will partnership in this deal and myself, we 
have to disburse the balances %80 between ourselves, therefore 
the both of us will be taking  %40 each after the deal has be 
finalized and the money will be transferred  to your account 
before it will be disbursed, we don’t  want the money to be 
transferred here, we need a foreign investor account that can 
accommodate this large sum of money, and with the help of me as 
the bank manager after this is done, I’m going to also edit and 
erase  the history of the account after this transaction has been 
finalized and forward to you as the next of kin whom bear the 
same name with the deceased to avoid any trace. 

Please i will want you to stand as the next of kin to this 
account, The legal adviser will guide you through all the legal 
procedures  and as for me as the head of this bank, with my good 
office I’m also going to approved every documentations that will 
back this transaction, we need to act fast before this funds 
comes to the notice of everyone, no one knows about it, if we 
aren’t fast and if this money is found, the money will be 
deposited into bank of UK and it will be of no use and beneficial 
to central bank and they will split the money between themselves, 
so please let’s put our heads together in achieving this 

Please get back to me urgently as I look forward to coming to 
your country for investments. 

This is the link to the incident which led to the  death of my 

James Leo  
+44 7451286679

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