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Dear Sir
This is Mr.Weilin Wang from China Big Science and Technology (Group) Corporation Limited.  My mobile phone :+86-18084013166 (Whatsapp/ wechat);  
    We are a multinational enterprise group specializing in overseas automobile plant project investment.  Our major shareholders and investors come from a number of Chinese automotive industry groups and international financial capital groups.  We are pioneers of the Chinese government's Belt and Road initiative.  We are the practitioner of combining Chinese automobile manufacturing enterprises with financial capital to "go out" to the world.  Our business objective is to continuously increase the market share of Chinese cars in the international automobile market.  We realize our value by investing in overseas joint ventures or by helping to develop the local automotive industry in target markets.  
At present, China's electric vehicle technology has far surpassed that of Germany, the United States, Japan, France and other western developed countries. China's market share of electric vehicles is constantly increasing, and its production and sales volume has exceeded the total output of all other developed countries.  New technologies and patents for electric vehicles are emerging in China.  In order to protect the earth's environment and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, it is necessary for us to promote new energy vehicle technology around the world and invest in new energy vehicle factory projects overseas: Our cooperation consists of two parts:  
1. Looking for electric vehicle agents and exclusive agents in overseas target markets.  
2. Find suitable online car-hailing platforms and taxi platforms, and implement the plan of replacing traditional fuel taxis with electric vehicles.  
3. Find suitable joint venture partners to jointly invest in new energy electric vehicle manufacturing plants.  
Our electric vehicle products include: electric and fuel minibus (minibus), electric customized online taxi, electric taxi, A0 class micro high speed electric vehicle.  Electric buses...  In fact, we have established several joint venture auto plants overseas in Syria Ghana Togo Nigeria Bangladesh Brazil and so on.  Our cooperation must be mutually beneficial and win-win.  
As for the joint venture plant of new energy vehicles, we invest in the key equipment and automobile manufacturing technology of the joint venture plant (plant planning and design/automobile manufacturing technology/worker training/localization assistance).  Promote localized production, in principle, our Chinese side does not hold.  
Our basic requirements for joint venture partners:  
1. Plant area :15000-25000 square meters, plant 8000 square meters,  
2. Capital capacity: with certain economic strength, the capital investment capacity must be more than 2 million DOLLARS.  (excluding land and plant values)  
3. Market channels: Automobile sales channels (sales network)  
4. Your government supports the development of the industry, and the difference between the import tariff of complete vehicles and the import tariff of spare parts is ≥25-35%;  
If you are really interested in this project, have some investment ability, and need more information, please contact us.  
If you do not have the ability to invest now, please recommend to the local powerful large group, if the project is successful.  You can get a 2% stake in the joint venture car plant (our Chinese share is 1%, with the remaining 1% provided by the recommended local partner).  At the same time, you can get a good job opportunity in the joint venture factory.  Maybe it will change your life and create opportunities for growth.  It's a win-win partnership.  
If you want to know more, like the project investment budget?  Product cost?  Electric bus catalogue?  A business plan?  Monetization model analysis?  Joint venture share arrangement?  Investment analysis?  Monetization model?  How do I run this project?  Please inform us. 
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