Derek Tolley pavel.vachek at
Wed May 11 20:07:08 EDT 2022

Dear Sir,

I have info for cash currently available for investment funding 
is ($500 Million US Dollars ) Are you capable of managing this 
portfolio? You will be expected to have a face to face meeting 
with my Chief 

Finance Officer(CFO) in Europe in completion of the funding due 
to the high rate of spam online. A letter of understanding 
agreement will be drafted for our study and signing. 3.5% ROI p/a 
is ideal for an 

exit period of 10-15 years with a year grace period. I look 
forward to a mutually profitable business relationship with you 
and welcome any questions or suggestions regarding the same.

Please NOTE; If you or your company are not capable to handle 
such transaction, Please don't contact me.

Best Regards,

Thank You.
Derek Tolley

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