Pidgin crashes when hiding IMs

Matthew Krass mattkrass at
Fri Dec 7 00:35:53 EST 2007

Using Pidgin 2.3.0 under Windows XP SP2 whenever I have it set to hide 
new IMs and I receive one the program crashes. The scenario is as follows:

    1. I set it to hide new IMs when away
    2. I put up an away message
    3. I receive an instant message and Pidgin crashes

Also, if I set it to hide new IMs always, reception of an IM causes an 
immediate crash. However if the conversation window is already open in 
either scenario it works fine, so it appears to be related to hiding IMs 
with Windows. This was all done with just AIM accounts as well.
Is there any other information that would be helpful? This is my first 
time using such a list so please forgive me if I've gone about this 


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