Where did my buddy go

freecycle_tenbob at yahoo.co.uk freecycle_tenbob at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 17 09:55:43 EST 2007


Could someone please help me understand this. I had the problem shown 
in the FAQ under 1.25 "Where did my buddy go? I just tried to change 
its group and it disappeared!"

The answer given is "You inadvertently created a contact from two 
buddies". I can confirm that this is what happened. The two buddies 
are now combined into one.  I cannot understand what this is for or 
why it would be useful. I know what a buddy is, but I don't know what 
a "contact" is. This term is not defined in the FAQ.

Anyway, the FAQ says I can undo this by expanding the contact and 
dragging the buddy out again. I cannot do this. After I expand, 
dragging is not enabled. The only way I can correct it is to delete 
the contact completely and start again from scratch.

The whole thing seems very problematic. It is all too easy to make the 
mistake of creating a "contact" out of two buddies. An inexperienced 
user will become confused and think the buddy has disappeared. Even if 
the user expands the contact to see the buddy, it seems to be 
impossible to drag it out again.

Could someone please help with a bit of clarification.

Thanks, Bob

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