Functionality under Windows XP x64

Kevin Stange kevin at
Fri Dec 28 03:42:48 EST 2007

Lucas Adams wrote:
> Does Pidgin function in a 64-bit operating system environment or is it 
> just available 32-bit only, and if so, will the 32-bit version run 
> problem-free in x64?

Pidgin is built only as a 32-bit application on Windows.  Windows will
run it properly as long as all dependencies are installed, though most
(read: all required) of them come with Pidgin's main installer.  The
lack of a 64-bit release is due to the facts that most dependencies do
not exist or are not trivially compiled for 64-bit operating systems, we
have no developers using 64-bit Windows machines, and there is really no
reason not to just run the 32-bit binaries.


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