pidgin-2.2.2 pixmaps fail to load

Jeff Ivany jeff at
Tue Nov 13 16:36:35 EST 2007


I've been trying to compile 2.2.2 locally on Linux from source and
everything seems to be fine except for one nagging issue - I have no pixmap
icons at all.  Any status icons, etc show up as little icons with a red X in
them.  The only thing I can figure that is causing this is I am setting my
install prefix to a non-standard location with:

./configure --prefix=$HOME/local

This works fine for everything else (pidgin runs fine) but no icons,not
status icons, etc.  I'm guessing that the dataroot dir or datadir are not
getting read properly as they should be pulling the pixmaps out of
$HOME/local/share.  All of the pixmaps are present in the directories as

Any ideas?

Jeff Ivany
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